Home Maintenance & Handyman Services

Over the years lots of small damage can occur to your home. At AmeriChoice we can fix these problems, and spot ones that you didn’t know to look for… Let our licensed contractors put their years of knowledge to work for you. So if you have a home in need of maintenance, from loose gutters to creaky doors, make AmeriChoice your choice.

Roof Cleaning

Do you need to clear your roof of leaves, branches, or moss? No matter what items you need removed from your roof, our roof cleaning service can get them down.

Moss Removal

Do you have a buildup of moss on your roof? Moss is unsightly, can cause your roof to leak, and can even devalue your home. Our moss removal experts can remove your moss, and make sure it’s gone the first time.

Roof Repairs

Is your roof in need of repair? Let our professional roofers take care of your problem. We can fix anything from small leaks, and loose shingles, to damage caused by falling branches.

Gutter Cleaning

Do you have leaves, moss, and other gunk, clogging your gutters? With our professional gutter cleaning service, you can have them cleaned, and running as good as new.

Wood Restoration & Staining

Does your house have wood siding, or a deck, that needs new life breathed into it? At AmeriChoice we offer quality wood restoration, and staining, that can significantly improve the look of your house.

Gutter Guards

Are you tired of leaves, pine cones, and other such debris clogging your gutters? Then maybe it’s time you got a gutter guard, with gutter guards clogged gutters are a thing of the past.

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